Press release on return flight on 24 February 2016

The returnees are welcomed at the airport Enlarge image The returnees are welcomed at the airport by memebers of the Afghan Government and the German Embassy (© German Embassy Kabul)

Today, 125 Afghan citizens return to Afghanistan: After a difficult way to Germany in the hands of people smugglers they realized that their future is in Afghanistan and that they are needed in their home country.

The German and Afghan government therefore together arranged their voluntary return to Afghanistan via charter flight. The German government covers the cost of return as well as small reintegration support in cooperation with IOM.

This charter flight is first step in return of a number of Afghan citizens to their home country. For future returns to Afghanistan the German and Afghan government will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding with details concerning a return package. Negotiations are to start soon.

Germany will continue to support Afghanistan and to persevere in its endeavors to stabilize the country by training the Afghan armed forces and helping people in Afghanistan, particularly as regards education, vocational training, and job creation.

Germany and Afghanistan continue to jointly fight people smuggling.

Afghan citizens voluntarily return to Afghanistan

Arrival of a flight with 125 voluntary returnees on board

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