New German Asylum Laws

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On February 25, the German parliament voted to tighten German laws on asylum.

The new rules are designed to speed up the processing of asylum claims, to better distribute the refugees within Germany and to make expulsions and deportations easier.

The key points are:

  • Refugees who enjoy only limited protection here – what is known as subsidiary protection ‑ because they are not refugees as defined in the Geneva Convention, will not be able to apply for their families to come and join them for a period of two years. Only in cases of hardship will family reunification be considered. 
  • Special reception centres will be set up for refugees with limited chances of being allowed to stay, such as people from safe countries of origin. An expedited procedure is to be established for refugees with limited chances of being allowed to stay.
  • In addition, the German parliament decided that it should be possible to expel more quickly asylum seekers who commit crimes. 

Germany is working in many ways to tackle the factors that cause people to flee their homes at root in the refugees’ countries of origin and in transit states. The aim is to give people better prospects for the future in their home countries.

Be aware: People smugglers are not a reliable source of information about conditions in Europe. They are criminals.
If you trust them, you are putting your life at risk. There are fresh, tragic examples of this every day.

New German Asylum Laws

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