Do not believe the rumours and false information deliberately spread by human traffickers about the allegedly easy trip and the easy life in Germany. 

Do not risk your lives by trying to flee to Europe. 

Human traffickers are criminals who are only interested in money. They don’t tell the truth and don’t care about human lives.

هرگز به شایعات و معلومات نادرست که در مورد سفر و زنده گی آسان در آلمان از طرف قاچاقچیان انسان ارایه میگردد باور ننماید.
هیچگاه با به خطر انداختن جان خویش به ارپا فرار نکنید.قاچاقچیان انسانها مجرمین اند که فقد به پول فکر میکنند. آ نها هرگز واقعیت را نمیگویند و زنده گی انسان نزد آنها ارزش ندارد.

آلمان ته ده سفراو هلته ده ژوند په باره کښی ده قاچاق برانو په غلطو معلوماتو او قصدی آوازو باور مه کوی. اروپا ته ده تیښتی په لټه کی خپل ژوند له گواښ سره مه مخامخ کوی. قاچاق بران جنایتکاران دی چه موخۀ یی یوازی پیسی دی. هغوی رښتیا نه وایی او ده انسان ده ژوند پروا هم نلری.

By fleeing your home country, you will be putting you and your family in danger. You will be risking your life and it is not certain that you will actually ever reach your destination

#RumoursAboutGermany: Online Banners

Online banners from the campaign #RumoursAboutGermany presenting facts about the realities of flight and migration in English, Dari and Pashto.


Germany is withdrawing its support for Afghanistan?

Wrong! Germany will continue to support Afghanistan and to persevere in its endeavours to stabilise the country by training the Afghan armed forces and helping people in Afghanistan, particularly as regards education and vocational training.

Billboard at Pul-e Chakri Road

#RumoursAboutGermany - Simply coming from Afghanistan gives you a right to asylum?

This is incorrect! Only people who have been persecuted can hope to be granted asylum.

Billboard #3, Airport Road Kabul

#RumoursAboutGermany - All the Afghans I know in Europe are successful?

In most cases, refugees invest their own money, and often that of their relatives, in order to reach Europe. It is obvious that they portray this step as a success to the people back home, even if the reality is unfortunately quite different. Many Afghans in Germany who are unqualified or do not speak German are unemployed.

#RumoursAboutGermany - Working in Germany?

Construction Sign, (c) colourbox.com

The German Government does not provide refugees with jobs. It often takes many years before a refugee is allowed to work legally in Germany.


#RumoursAboutGermany - Welcome payment?

Contrary to rumours and misinformation deliberately spread by human traffickers, Germany does not provide a welcome payment. By spreading such lies, human traffickers knowingly put people’s lives in danger.

Billboard in Qala-e Fatullah, Saleem Karwan Platz

#RumoursAboutGermany - Living and benefits in Germany?

The German Government does not provide refugees with jobs. Moreover, the cost of living is considerably higher in Germany than it is in Afghanistan.

Deutsche Sprache

#‎RumoursAboutGermany‬ - You can get by with English in Germany?

German is the only language spoken in everyday life, the public authorities and most companies in Germany.


#RumoursAboutGermany - Germany has 800,000 places for immigrants?

Wrong! Residence in Germany is subject to specific legal requirements. Illegal residence is a criminal offence. People who are not granted permission to stay will be deported.


Billboard in Kabul

All Afghan refugees are entitled to stay in Germany?


This is incorrect! There is no guarantee.

Germany wants workers from Afghanistan because it needs cheap labour?


Wrong! Germany is looking above all for highly skilled professionals from abroad.

All Afghans are granted asylum in Germany?

Billboard in Kabul

Wrong! Each case is treated individually. Those who are not granted permission to stay must leave Germany.

Minor children are automatically allowed to stay in Germany?

Kindergarten © picture-alliance/dpa

Wrong! Each case is looked at individually.

Germany provides all refugees with jobs?


This is incorrect. Refugees who arrive in Germany without prior permission are only allowed to work after a certain period of time and must find work themselves.

Everyone who comes to Germany can attend university, regardless of what residence permit they have?

Deutschlands beste IT-Nachwuchsingenieurin, Anja Bog (25) aus Sachsen-Anhalt, ist am Freitag (23.03.2007) im Hasso-Plattner-Institut  in Potsdam auf dem Weg zur Auszeichnung. Sie schloss ihr Master-Studium im Fach "IT-Systems Engineering" mit der Traumnote 1,1 ab. Insgesamt  77 IT-Absolventen, 26 mit dem Master- und 51 mit dem Bachelor-Abschluss, des Hasso-Plattner-Instituts haben ihre Prüfungen überstanden. Insgesamt haben innerhalb von sieben Jahren seit Aufnahme des Lehrbetriebs am Hasso-Plat

Wrong! Universities in Germany are not open to everyone.

Refugees from Afghanistan are given preferential treatment?

Billboard in Qala-e Fatullah, Saleem Karwan Platz

That is not true. Germany has made no general promise to take in Afghan nationals.

Refugees can choose their country of residence?


Wrong! You do not have the right to choose a particular country of residence.

DW on legal requirements


Information about the legal requirements for applying for residence on dw.com.

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Information on the topics of migration to Germany, residence in Germany, naturalisation and assisted return

Federal Ministry of the Interior: Migration and Integration

Ortsschild Verlasse Parallelgesellschaften -> Integration

Federal Ministry of the Interior on the topics of migration, integration and asylum in Germany

Refugee crisis - what German foreign policy is doing

Entrance, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

Combating the causes of flight and raising awareness in countries of origin - these are the priorities of German foreign policy

Germany announces €350 mln for Afghanistan’s reconstruction in 2016

Außenminister Steinmeier

Germany’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said that his country remains committed to support Afghanistan. After attending meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels on Tuesday, Steinmeier announced a fund of 350 million euros for Afghanistan’s reconstruction in 2016.

Federal Government - Mandate for Afghanistan extended

German ISAF soldier in Afghanistan

German troops will continue to be deployed in Afghanistan. In the German Bundestag a large majority voted to approve the motion of the German government. The mandate will run until the end of 2016. The ceiling on troops is to be raised to 980 soldiers.