Germany is withdrawing its support for Afghanistan?

Wrong! Germany will continue to support Afghanistan and to persevere in its endeavours to stabilise the country by training the Afghan armed forces and helping people in Afghanistan, particularly as regards education and vocational training.
Examples of Germany’s support in Afghanistan can be found at and other sources.

 آلمان افغانستان را ترک می گوید؟
اشتباه! آلمان در آینده نیز در پهلوی افغانستان قرارخواهد داشت. تعهد ما مبنی بر ثبات سازی این کشور با آموزش نیروهای امنیتی افغان و حمایت از انسانها در افغانستان بخصوص در زمینۀ تعلیم و تربیه و تعلیمات مسلکی ادامه میابد.

مثالهای این فعالیتهای آلمان در افغانستان را می توانید بویژه در صفحه انترنتی دویچه ویلی مطالعه نماید –

المان افغانستان پریږدي؟
دا خبره غلطه ده. المان به په راتلونکي کي هم د افغانستان تر څنګ ولاړوی. د دې هیواد د ثبات جوړوني په باب زمونږ ژمنه د افغانستان د امنیتي ځواکونو د روزني او په تیره بیا د روزني او د مسلکي زده کرو په ډګر کي په افغانستان کي د خلکو د ملاتر له لاري دوام لري.

په افغانستان کي د المان د کارونو مثالونه کولای شی د دویچه ویلي په لاندیني انرنتي مخ کي ولولی:

Ambassador Potzel at the opening ceremony

Opening of IT Competence Center of Afghanistan

Ambassador Potzel together with the Minister of Higher Education Prof. Farida Momand opened the first IT Competence Center of Afghanistan in the former DAAD guesthouse on the premises of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on trilateral cooperation

Germany, Afghanistan and Iran work together to improve higher education in Afghanistan

The Afghan Ministry of Higher Education, the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, represented by the Iranian Embassy in Kabul, and GIZ signed a memorandum of understanding on trilateral cooperation regarding higher education in the mining sector.

Germany is withdrawing its support for Afghanistan?

Billboard in Kabul

Germany confirms its support for Afghanistan

Rebuilding police forces

Ein deutscher Polizeibeamter verfolgt den Unterricht afghanischer Grenzpolizisten in Masar-i-Scharif.

Germany is helping create structures that will enable the Afghan police force to advance its development on its own responsibility. The main focus of German and international assistance in support of these efforts is training, advice and equipment.

Examples of Germany's economic and development cooperation with Afghanistan

Agricultural Faculty of University of Taloqan

Economic and development cooperation is a main focus of the bilateral relations between Germany and Afghanistan. In the following we will present our most important projects.

Germany has built 2000 schools in Afghanistan