#RumoursAboutGermany: Online Banners

Online banners from the campaign #RumoursAboutGermany presenting facts about the realities of flight and migration in English, Dari and Pashto.

By fleeing your home country, you will be putting you and your family in danger. You will be risking your life and it is not certain that you will actually ever reach your destination.

Applicants who are refused asylum have to leave Germany and return to their country of origin. Anyone who does not leave voluntarily after having their application refused will be deported at their own expense and will be prohibited from entering the Schengen area for several years.

#RumoursAboutGermany: Online Banners

People smugglers belong to organised crime networks and make false claims.

All the Afghans I know in Europe are successful?

In most cases, refugees invest their own money, and often that of their relatives, in order to reach Europe.

Working in Germany?

The German Government does not provide refugees with jobs. It often takes many years before a refugee is allowed to work legally in Germany.

Minor children are automatically allowed to stay in Germany?

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Wrong! Each case is looked at individually.

Everyone who comes to Germany can attend university, regardless of what residence permit they have?

Deutschlands beste IT-Nachwuchsingenieurin, Anja Bog (25) aus Sachsen-Anhalt, ist am Freitag (23.03.2007) im Hasso-Plattner-Institut  in Potsdam auf dem Weg zur Auszeichnung. Sie schloss ihr Master-Studium im Fach "IT-Systems Engineering" mit der Traumnote 1,1 ab. Insgesamt  77 IT-Absolventen, 26 mit dem Master- und 51 mit dem Bachelor-Abschluss, des Hasso-Plattner-Instituts haben ihre Prüfungen überstanden. Insgesamt haben innerhalb von sieben Jahren seit Aufnahme des Lehrbetriebs am Hasso-Plat

Wrong! Universities in Germany are not open to everyone.